Thursday, August 26, 2010

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Trendy Candles

If your looking for something fun and trendy to create for your table displays... look no further! A really simple idea is making your own candle holders. They are easy to create and very affordable!

You can go to any craft store like Ben Franklin and pick up some different types of ribbon in your choice of sizes, textures and colors. Then, look for some simple shaped Votive glass candle holders. While your at it, grab some candles to go into the holders. These can be scented or unscented and in any color! I always enjoy using white since they go with everything!

Now that you have your supplies to make these candle holders, cut the ribbon about two and a half inches long to wrap around the candle holder and glue it! Let it dry for about thirty minutes and then add your candle. PRESTO! A cute, simple and trendy eye catching table display for your event!

Just check out the JESSICA IVY Boutique aqua and brown themed candles I made! These were just to fun to make! Try it out yourself! These will make everyone ask about them and make you the talk of your friends!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

VMFA Richmond Magazine Event Goodies

We've been working hard creating some yummy treats for the Artful Wedding Events hosted by Richmond Magazine at the VMFA this coming Monday the 28th. The bags are so pretty in our signature aqua and brown colors but, what's inside is even better! Delicious sugar cookies made from scratch iced in royal icing with sanding aqua sugar.

We wanted to have fun with these and create something that was Summer themed. The lollipop idea came into the picture! So to create these, we used a circle cookie cutter, rolled the dough 1/4" thick and inserted a stick into the cookie to bake into it. Let the cookies cool down for an hour then began pipping the edges to hold the filling of the icing. Once hardened a fun swirly design was added on top and sugar was poured on top to give it a sparkle appearance. FUN!

We look forward to see what you think Monday! Enjoy these treats!

Monday, June 21, 2010


In case you didn't know, the major talk on the streets right now in Richmond, VA on the block of 3200 Franklin and 700 Cleveland is the AMAZING sign by artist/ sculpture Nicholai Jerome of Spartan Studios!

The sign is just an eye catcher! It's MAGNIFICENT! A MUST SEE! When you look at the design, your eyes move with the texture he's created that make it look 3 dimensional. Left to right, right to left. The light bounces off of the sign capturing the intricately placed scroll work on the edges and the Letter that spell out JESSICA IVY BOUTIQUE. The light really brings this sign to life and really makes this sign POP!

This is a one of a kind piece of art by one of the most brilliant upcoming artist that Richmond has to offer! Keep your eye out on this one!

For more information on Nicholai, please visit his website were you can learn about ALL of the amazing work he creates.

Black Tie Affair

On June 17th, Jessica Ivy celebrated it's 1 year anniversary by having a Black Tie Affair event on June 18th! What a marvelous time everyone had all dressed up in Tux and Gowns!

The was a major success and thanks to all who were a part of this monumental event! We had many pictures taken by the amazing Bob Schnell! I can't wait to have another event like this one!

The food was amazing, the music beautiful, the setting was breath taking and the people were so pleasant to speak with!

If you missed this event, check out the pictures below!


Friday, June 4, 2010

Cakes that go WOW!

Jessica Ivy is now featuring beautiful cakes on display by the fabulous Jenny West of Sweetest Thing Bakery. These cakes are amazing and not just because they taste so yummy!

Jenny, a pastry chef here in Richmond, VA really puts everything she has into her confections! Not only do they look like art but, I personally think they are a masterpiece for ones eyes. Jenny makes her own fondant and can create any color, shape and look!

Jessica Ivy is proud to have such a talented friend and is excited about this amazing cake that is on display now. It's truly an eye site! Stop by and check it out!

For more information on Jenny and her cakes please visit:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Photo Shoot for NEW ads with Bob Schnell

The wonderful and amazingly talented Bob Schnell of Bob Schnell Photography along with an amazing team worked hard to create a country themed bridal shoot. It was truly AMAZING! Here is a sneak peak of whats to come from this shoot!

It was such a pleasure to work with everyone and I can't thank all enough who worked together to bring this to it's full greatness!

Special thanks to the following people because, THEY made this MAGICAL!

LK Events and Design, Lindsay Averette
Bob Schnell Photography, Bob Schnell
Jessica Ivy Boutique, Ivy Harris
Sarah Jarrell Make-up and Hair, Sarah Jarrell
Models: Kirsten Hayden and Jenny Wagner