Saturday, June 26, 2010

Trendy Candles

If your looking for something fun and trendy to create for your table displays... look no further! A really simple idea is making your own candle holders. They are easy to create and very affordable!

You can go to any craft store like Ben Franklin and pick up some different types of ribbon in your choice of sizes, textures and colors. Then, look for some simple shaped Votive glass candle holders. While your at it, grab some candles to go into the holders. These can be scented or unscented and in any color! I always enjoy using white since they go with everything!

Now that you have your supplies to make these candle holders, cut the ribbon about two and a half inches long to wrap around the candle holder and glue it! Let it dry for about thirty minutes and then add your candle. PRESTO! A cute, simple and trendy eye catching table display for your event!

Just check out the JESSICA IVY Boutique aqua and brown themed candles I made! These were just to fun to make! Try it out yourself! These will make everyone ask about them and make you the talk of your friends!

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