Thursday, June 24, 2010

VMFA Richmond Magazine Event Goodies

We've been working hard creating some yummy treats for the Artful Wedding Events hosted by Richmond Magazine at the VMFA this coming Monday the 28th. The bags are so pretty in our signature aqua and brown colors but, what's inside is even better! Delicious sugar cookies made from scratch iced in royal icing with sanding aqua sugar.

We wanted to have fun with these and create something that was Summer themed. The lollipop idea came into the picture! So to create these, we used a circle cookie cutter, rolled the dough 1/4" thick and inserted a stick into the cookie to bake into it. Let the cookies cool down for an hour then began pipping the edges to hold the filling of the icing. Once hardened a fun swirly design was added on top and sugar was poured on top to give it a sparkle appearance. FUN!

We look forward to see what you think Monday! Enjoy these treats!

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